What design do I get to choose from?

Each design is a one off, the artists just use there Dreamtime skills to design your Walkabout shoes.
However if you want a prominent colour e.g. Yellow, let us know and it will be featured and the artist will do the rest. Or if you want an Australian native animal/bird, or a boomerang/Aboriginal Flag etc please let us know and our artists can design this in.

What shoes do I get?

The Kangaroo businessman shoes and ladies high heels and Dr.Martens will usually always be available as what you see. The photos that are displayed on the website of all the other shoes probably will not be available as as you would be aware shoe designs change almost every month. We would try and get something as similar as we could. Remember it is all about the art, not the shoe.

Can you paint on my own shoes/boots that I send to you?

Yes we often do this, particularly for sports people. They just have to have a shiny surface like Leather, leatherette,fabric(like converse) etc.$295.00

How long do I have to wait for my Walkabout Shoes

As these are all one offs, all orders take between 4-6 weeks.

Do you accept phone orders?

Currently, orders may only be placed via Shopping Cart or Email. If you run into any trouble
we will be happy to help you via our contact form or by phone. FREE Shipping Is ONLY To
an Australian Address.

What is the return policy on the shoes?

We allow exchanges on shoes that have not been worn.
Because each pair is hand painted,
we do not allow cash
refunds unless the shoes are defective.

How much does a pair of Your Walkabout Shoes cost?


$525.00 for Dr.Martens

How much is shipping and handling?

This is free within Australia

What payment methods do you accept?

Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Cheque , Money order, Bank transfer

How do I clean my shoes?

Just use a damp cloth. Remember this is art wear them accordingly.

What size do I tell you?


Let us know your size in either US, UK, EU and or foot length in cm or inches.