We have some background on our wonderful artists, we hope you can see where their inspiration for the different designs are coming from. Enjoy Reading!

Belle Hart (tradional name: Beleba) born in Cairns and is a Decendant of the Meriam Mer people from Erub Island a small remote island off the Far North Eastern Coast of Queensland, Australia.

Disconnected from her cultural heritage & people at the age of 5 yrs old. Belle’s art shows the intuitive connection to her culture & continues to grow as she sumerges herself in the rich culture & stories of the life of her people.

Growing up on the beaches of the Sunshine Coast her art is a reppresentation of images and stories from her personal life and experiences diving in the waters of the Sunshine Coast and walking country with the local Aboriginal Gubbi Gubbi people whom she grew up with.

This artist is an emerging Indigenous artist that is now exhibiting her art in homes and local businesses on the Sunshine Coast.

Chelei was originally born in Gladstone and descends from both the Darraba and Badtjala tribes north of Queensland and Fraser Island. She is 16 years old and influenced by her Grandfathers stories he has passed alone to her and her cousins.Chelei takes great pride in where her people have come from and uses her tribes tribal animals, the Dolphin and the White Cockatoo as inspiration towards each piece of art. Chelei is also encouraged the tribes dream times stories that have been passed through her family.
Charlie(traditional name: Mudjile Mime)
Artist Mudjile Mime