About Us

WALKABOUT SHOES* – Hand painted by Aboriginal Artists. The most unique in the world.

From the oldest living population in the world, the Aboriginal culture is focused on recording the origins of life. Australian Indigenous art is the oldest unbroken tradition of art in the world.

Aboriginal art represents and symbolises the world, the beliefs of people and the Dreamtime Stories. This particular composition is demonstrated through the use of dots throughout each art piece. This symbolises the significance of the different cultural aspects between each colour used. The traditional aboriginal colours include; Yellow representing the sun, Brown- the soil, Red- the desert sand and White- the clouds and the sky.
All our shoes have been signed by the Aboriginal artist and include a certificate of authenticity.
Each artist spends 10-16 hours meticulously creating this artwork, no two pairs of shoes will be the same.
People love being individuals and love shoes, there are limited edition shoes and there are some hand painted shoes, but these are totally different to anything on the market in any country.

And we even have Kangaroo Leather in Mens and Ladies Business/Wedding/Special Occasion shoes….you will stand out.

Why have your art on a wall at home, this is wearable art, the only problem you have with Walkabout Shoes is people wanting to stop you to talk about your shoes. You can buy Original, but ours are Aboriginal.

Our shoes were born from a little known area called Twin Waters, which is situated on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia. This area was once inhabited by the Toombra indigenous Aboriginal people.
We also do Business mens shoes, Ladies high heels and Football boots. Orders take 4-6 weeks. We can use a mid cut basketball style sneaker and Dr.Martins in most cases, or what ever you like.

Some of our customers include Radio 2GB and TV personality Ben Fordham, Escrow Spanish Soccer Professional George Freeman, Isbella Vallejo Under 17s  2015 World Cross Fit Champion, NRL referees Gavin Badger and the first woman NRL referee Kasey Badger.